MJ’s Reviews, Thoughts, & More Podcast

I finally did it! I have recorded and uploaded my first episode of my podcast; MJ’s Reviews, Thoughts, & More. Episode 1 is a trailer, teaser, posted mainly to make sure that I could and to see what it sounded like once it was done.

My podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, (including other places tied to Apple), Google Podcast, & Amazon Music. I am also looking at a couple other places as well in the future.

I am striving to have my podcast uploaded and ready by Monday of each week. I will be posting sources list and books reviewed for each episode.

MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More : S2E3 MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More

MJ introduces his new podcast, MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More. MJ reviews books that he has read from both traditionally or indie published authors. MJ also gives his opinions on current events. You can find me at my website : http://www.mjhague.com. You can also reach me via email: contact@mjhague.com.2021 starts off with a bang.I will be posting cover pictures, sources, and show notes/ transcripts on my blog page for each episode. http://www.mjhague.com/blog. 
  1. MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More : S2E3
  2. MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More S2E2
  3. MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More: 2020 Wrap Up: S2E1
  4. MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More : Thanksgiving 2020:E11
  5. MJ's Reviews, Thoughts, & More : COVID:E10

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