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My journey started when in 1991, as a sophomore in high school, I wrote my first short story that was published in the school paper. From that point on, the itch was introduced and the dream to become a published writer was born.

From as young as I can remember , I have been a hungry reader. There have been times where I have been reading as many as three books at the same time. Other times reading a book from start to finish in two days…. looking forward to the day when I would see my name in print in the bookstore.

Over the years, I tried to start a story and eventually  it would get put down incomplete. Time and time again, never getting  a finished product until at last in 2017 things changed.

Starting again, this time something was different. There was a drive not present before, a passion running hotter than before, a need so demanding , nothing was going to stop it from happening. Books were ordered, web sites were searched, notes were taken, outlines were started, and finally the writing began.

2017 is the year of completion and new beginnings.