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MJ’s Q & A posts and videos will be coming soon. MJ will be answering questions submitted on his Blog and Facebook page.

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Videos will also have behind the scenes information about characters and the author.

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It’s official! Call Me Ghost is released on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version. Please check out my Amazon author page @: amazon.com/author/mjhague

Paperback is selling currently for $9.99 and the Kindle version for $1.99.

I am so excited for the 1st book to be available, that I am writing the 2nd book:

Make A Ghost, available soon on Amazon.


Coming Soon To Amazon

This afternoon, 9/17/17, CALL ME GHOST, was uploaded to Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. ETA to availability is 3 to 5 days. So close , yet so far away from being available.

A limited edition will be available, autographed by the author. If you are interested, please send me a comment that includes your email and I will contact you with details.

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Went to the 2017 Writers Digest Annual Conference in NYC August 18-20. I arrived late on the 17th. It was my first time in New York and my first writer’s conference. The choices for sessions were wide and plenty of opportunities to change the path that I took while attending.

The people that I met while there were friendly, helpful, and from diverse backgrounds. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and invite some strangers to join my table for supper, only to leave with some new friendships started. It was the trend for the weekend, making new friends, while learning more about the craft of writing.

I met some new cheerleaders and some people that enriched my life by being apart of it. I met people who I was proud to have met after hearing more of their story.

Pitch slam was a challenge. Now that I have made it through one, I have an better idea of what to expect and what I need to do to prepare for next year. I will be ready for next year with the goal of having a pitch ready to present and impress those who hear it.

Thanks  #WDC17 for the memories and the fire that was lit to finish it.

Spine and Back Cover

After receiving the completed cover, I realized that it was just the front of the cover and that I would need to complete the rest of the work myself. I did some research and found Adobe Creative Cloud. ACC would give access to multiple software at a low monthly fee. I downloaded it and started in Photoshop, but found that InDesign was where I wanted to be.

I contacted the designer of the cover and asked for the Font name that he used for the cover. Once I received the name and file, I downloaded and started to use it. As I was clicking around I found a menu that allowed me to capture the current colors being used on the cover. I saved this information. I was now able to match all of the colors used on the front cover through out the rest of the cover as well as the font used. This would help make the final product look good and professional.

After I completed getting the background colors complete, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to put on the back cover. After some attempts, I cam up with the final draft. I hope that it is liked.

I am happy with the cover results.

Now back to the writing of the novel. Got to get it done!CALL ME GHOST COVER3

Until next time.



I did some research online and found a site called fiverr.  It allows users to hire others to create content. I offered a suggestion of a silhouette walking away. Other than that, I left the concept open to see what would be created.

The wait was hard, but 9 days later I received the output. I loved what I saw.MJHague


Call Me Ghost

Time to create a title for this story. I know who the main character is, and have a general idea where I would like the story to go. I created a simple outline to work from, but it seems more likely that I will be learning about my story as it is written.